Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale


It’s that time again, and my lady usually takes full advantage of Bath & Body Works Semi Annual sale. She came home with quite a few candles yesterday, which included some of my favorites from Slatkin & Co. and told me they are only $10. That is quite a steal. With the weather in New York as temperate as its been, Fresh Linen and Fresh Bamboo will burn nicely for some up gatherings I have planned. At these prices, I will be making my own run over there to stock up.

Get them while you can.



3 responses to “Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale

  1. Ooohh I did not even know that Bath & Body sold Slatkin. Are these the same quality Slatkins that I pay damn near $50 for in Bendels? Wow. I’ll be there today picking up all your suggestions! Thanks.

  2. Just bought some fresh bamboo & fresh linen candles for me & my family at the sale. also small sizes of their lavender vanilla linen spray…great when you travel. it’s the best smell and helps you fall right to sleep. Right now, my apt smells delightful!

  3. Great buy.

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