Good Read…I’m Proud Of This One, Too


You know, life can be a funny journey. When I started this conversation, I wanted to chronicle my fragrant discoveries…and that’s it. It was personal and every now and then I told people close to me what I was doing. At first I shared it with those I respected and thought respected me. One of those people was Julia Chance. We were meeting one day and I opened up. Her feedback, upon reading several posts, was very positive. That boosted my confidence, as she is a very good writer. If I remember correctly she said, “you’re on to something.” I smiled and we moved on. We kept in touch, I shared additional posts with her and she provided honest opinions.

Jump ahead to the top of the year. I receive an email from Julia letting me know she is now the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Heart & Soul Magazine and she wanted to figure out a way to get me into the magazine. Immediately I asked myself, “Am I ready?” Then I replied with my thoughts on how women should purchase cologne for the men in their lives. That turned into this Father’s Day feature in the June issue of Heart & Soul Magazine and in many ways, is my coming out from behind the veil.

Hello everyone. My name is Barney Bishop and I am a fragrance enthusiast. Thanks Julia for hearing me out and allowing me to share my point of view with your readers.

My Father’s Day picks for the readers of Heart & Soul
Polo Black, Clean Shower Fresh for Men, Fresh’s Tobacco Caramel



14 responses to “Good Read…I’m Proud Of This One, Too

  1. He’s out of the proverbial closet! Very nice article and introduction to the world.

  2. B-Bish, what’s up! You have a voice and POV… love that! A nice way to step out in the mainstream. Oprah’s got to come calling soon! 🙂

  3. Congrats. Now we need others to jump on the bandwagon because your voice needs to be heard.

  4. The more BB out there, the better. Nice work Barney. I enjoy reading your blog and all the good advice, interviews, news, etc.

  5. peraltaproject

    Big Bezo in the house! Looking all dapper. Nice one.

  6. Nice Barney-! The trouble is you’re that sharp looking all the time. Love the blog. Insightful, keen and up to the moment on something too often not finessed by most men.

  7. Barney, hope this is the first of many wonderful clips for you. Glad I could give you some shine! You well deserve it.

  8. Veronica Hegeman




  9. Absolutely fantastic!!! It’s good to see that quality & substance still mean something!

  10. Brooklyn Bajan

    Barnes, I always knew. It’s about time you come out. Don’t worry some of my best friends are out. LOL! The article is nicely done and you have great taste. You are indeed an enthusiast. I am proud of you and I am anticipating more press. Don’t be scared. If you’re scared, get a dog. P.S. That looks like a Windsor knot. Did you get it right on the first attempt?

  11. Congrats Barney B,
    Nice, Fresh, Fly, Clean, Dapper as always. Great article and many more to come.

  12. Congrats! This is very good.

  13. Nothing like the scent of a man’s neck- clean, refreshing with a hint of masculinity! Nice Job Barney!!

  14. Congrats! I remember you asking me about body products I had in my bathroom at a get together. You had so many questions about their scent and how they made me feel. Although I might have thought your line of questioning was strange then, it all makes sense now. You’ve tapped into and decided to share one of your gifts.

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