By Kilian Travel Candle Set


Some names just ring legacy. Case in point, Kilian Hennessey – who is heir to a long line of cognac makers and the grandson of the founder of the LVMH group. Maintaining that legacy would be enough to keep many of us busy for a lifetime but not so for Kilian. In November of 2007, he launched a high-end fragrance collection By Killian, which as his website says, “reflects his personality and achieves a perfect alliance between elegance and absolute, uncompromising luxury.”

Since then, he has expanded his collection to include luxurious candles as well as gorgeous, monolith engraved travel sprays, available in all seven By Kilian scents. Unlike the names of the fragrances that attempt to reveal personality traits (Typical Me / Tempt Me), beckon us to succumb to forbidden desires (Absinthe Verte / White Cristal) or encourage us to overcome our inhibitions (Don’t Be Shy / Prohibited), the names of the candles emphasize the essential raw materials used in the composition alongside its origin. Just this month, Kilian has released a traveling candle set which brings three candles protected in a box closed with a black silk ribbon. Pictured here is floral harmony and this collection is made up of Tuberose from Bangalore, Lavender from Barrême and Rose from Damas.

The By Kilian Travel Candle set is $125 and is available at or



3 responses to “By Kilian Travel Candle Set

  1. These scents seem really interesting. Thanks for the tid-bit.

  2. Love the packaging, super cute and cool!

  3. Cool!

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