Good Read…I’m Proud Of This One


A funny thing occurred a few months ago. I was corresponding with the Fashion and Grooming Editor of Men’s Health, Brian Boye, when he asked if I’d like to be a judge for their annual Grooming Awards. Let me just say, I was humbled. The joy of receiving bottles of cologne didn’t actually hit me until I received the box. That he would seek my opinion left me speechless. Needless to say, I said yes and was overjoyed to be contributing. I truly like the magazine as it’s always chocked full of interesting tidbits. I also like Brian. He’s a good man and my fragrance exchanges with him actually inspired me to start Fragrant Moments.

Anyhow, pick it up, its on newsstands now. Loads of great products and fragrances as well. There is a beautifully shot story about barbershops that preceeds the Grooming Awards piece that makes me want to experience a straight edged shave.

Thanks for the experience Brian.



13 responses to “Good Read…I’m Proud Of This One

  1. Congratulations. I’ll have to pick up a copy of this soon.

  2. you should be doing even more of this!!! congratulations!
    and congratulations to mens health for collaborating with you!

  3. barney!

    Great news…I’ll definitely pick up a copy!


  4. Tiffani Carter

    Very cool! You should have your own column!


  6. Ainsley Connell

    How could they not ask you to do this Boss Man!
    I’ve been a fan of FM since the first e-mail. Keep it up! I’ll pic up the Mag as well. Good look’in out.

  7. This is awesome. Congratulations. It’s true – you should have your own column!

  8. This is fabulous…hope you have more great oppotunities like this in the future.

  9. The world is catching on to your gifted nose. Great job.

  10. Kudos Barney!

    You are ultra talented and insightful and I hope it leads to lots more opportunites.

  11. Very good work! Glad that the rest of the world is catching on to your steez.

  12. Totes cool! You should do more of this…. you have a great writing and fragrance style! Congratulations.

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