Reader Offers Review Of Bond’s Brooklyn

“…a good number of us may use it as a tuxedo.”

As I continue down this fragrant road, I truly appreciate your feedback as it encourages me. One of Fragrant Moment’s faithful readers, Mr. Jerry Farmer, from Atlanta, GA left a comment today about his feelings on Bond No. 9’s Brooklyn. I just had to share it…

I received a sample of Bond No.9’s Brooklyn fragrance a few days ago…..In my opinion it is an excellent representation of the borough that raised me. There is a gritty sensuality about it, that is immediately evident the moment you spray it…it says to me “indulge, but don’t over do it!” I have used it purely by itself, & on top of oil of cocoa butter and I tell you, it was a conversation starter in both aspects. Its spicyness [sic] is a distinct & dignified note that is to be taken seriously, and I feel like although it can be used as an everyday scent, a good number of us may use it as a tuxedo. I will definitely be making this fragrance a part of the family, once it becomes available for purchase!

Thanks Jerry…your love for the fragrance is evident.


One response to “Reader Offers Review Of Bond’s Brooklyn

  1. WOW – I luv this. I wonder how this would smell on a female because women can wear tuxedos too. All this talk is making me want to go try it. Thanks for your poetic words Jerry.

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