Liven Up The Place With Slatkin & Co


This past weekend I hosted a very small dinner party and went through the usual mass clean up. Every room had to be spotless, no lingering dust bunnies allowed. For occasions like these, I love to fill my home with a mixture of scents. Enter the ever fragrant and affordable Slatkin & Co. candles.

On this particular evening, I burnt, Tropical Orange and Evergreen in the living room, Coconut Vanilla in the bedroom and Fresh Bamboo in the bathroom. I find the scents add another welcoming dimension after I meet my guests with a drink. The best part though was when one of my guests came out of the bathroom and said, “Your bathroom smells great, what is that you’re burning in there?”

We are all going through one thing or another right about now. Ease your mind after a long day and liven up your living space. These candles are extremely affordable and last quite a long time. Even when they’re not being burnt, they tickle your surroundings with pockets of freshness.

Slatkin & Co., available at Bath&Body Works.



3 responses to “Liven Up The Place With Slatkin & Co

  1. I absolutely love these candles. I prefer the nonfruity scents, which bath and Body Works needs to carry more of. If anyone knows where else besides B&BW they are sold please post a comment with the location, as sometimes B&BW rotates the ones they carry too quickly. They last forever and as the post says smell great even when they are not burning.

  2. hmm I happen to work in BBW and thought I’d give a shout out to you and whoever out there. There is a 2 for $20 sale for the candles (each candle is 19.50 so you’re really getting one 4 free). That is all lol. Oh and the new Pineapple orchid is my fav. Watch out for that one.

    P.S. Remember to smile life is too short not too

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