Good Read…GQ

If you haven’t picked up the March issue of GQ, do so before it leaves newsstands. Aside from a great cover shot of Kobe Bryant, it contains an awesome article by Chandler Burr asking why men shouldn’t be just as discerning about their cologne-something I’ve been advocating for quite sometime now.

Featured brands and stores in the article include, Byredo Parfums, Le Labo (Oud 27 and their LA Boutique), Menthe Fraiche by Heeley, Fat Electrician, and Aedes de Venustas, Frederic Malle’s Boutique, LafcoNY, Scent Bar and Luckyscent.

This issue is a keeper.



2 responses to “Good Read…GQ

  1. Yes, Barney, that article was an airplane read for me just the other day. It is indeed a good one. The only thing missing is a well-deserved mention of Fragrant Moments.

  2. That would be nice. Hopefully one day I have the chance to meet Chandler.

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