(Another) Good read…


An earlier post about Bond No 9’s redesign of the bottle for Brooklyn drew quite a bit of reader feedback. Love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion. One of those opinions came in the form of bringing a New York Times article, “Where Is The New Brooklyn” to my attention. The commenter said, “Please consider the following New York Times article an expansion on the idea of just “What is Brooklyn?” Though it is not about fragrance, it reminded me of your blog entry about Bond No 9’s Brooklyn Bottle Design and I wanted to share it with you and your readers.”

Thanks Mr. Wimberly



One response to “(Another) Good read…

  1. It’s an interesting concept, not entirely new, equating up-and-coming neighborhoods or recently revitalized towns to some part of the metropolis that is NYC. I remember when Adams-Morgan was just like Greenwich Village, but smaller and considerably further south. There used to be a time when place vied for their own unique identities. Now, branding everything as “the new. . . .” means it’s ain’t new at all.

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