Duro by Nassomato


This past Saturday I had some free time sandwiched between my Valentine’s Day plans and I decided to head over to Barney’s to see what they had cookin’. I happily left with a Frederic Malle sample and discovered Duro by Nassomato.

Cutting right to the chase, this is an awesome scent. Nassomato’s website says the scent “aims to enhance all the manifestations of male strength.” Well, I was super excited about it; so much so that I decided to email a colleague of mine that I often exchange notes with about fragrances. Below is what I sent him moments after leaving the store:

—–Original Message—–
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 21:34:40
Subject: Nassomato


Happy V Day sir.

I just left Barney’s conducting my own “market review” and had to report this fragrance find. Have you ever heard of the brand Nassomato? Apparently it’s an Italian brand and they don’t reveal the notes that make up their scents {that’s what the salesman said}. Beautiful packaging, but dainty and expensive. 1 ounce is $148 for an eau de parfum.

The scent that’s driving me to write this to you on a Saturday is Duro. It’s very interesting but not in a niche, risk taking way. I could definitely see a broad spectrum of men being into it but it’s also not conventional and its price would obviously dictate a discerning customer. I’d definitely wear this with a suit but not a tie. It’s sexy, but not carnal. Let’s call it, elegant.

If you get by there, check it out and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your weekend.


3 responses to “Duro by Nassomato

  1. Interesting in Spanish the name of this fragrance means hard. LOL


  2. So could I wear it? you know how i love my mens parfums!

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