Comme de Garcon’s Uncommon Object

During last years Super Bowl, there was a Planter’s Peanuts commercial I found hilarious and I posted it for obvious reasons. This years game didn’t have any commercials relevant for this venue so I went to youtube to see what I could find. Interestingly, a few nights ago I attended a party and got into a conversation with someone and Comme de Garcon Parfums came up. I absolutely love these guys. I own Odeur 71 and still love it to this day. Anyhow, when the young lady I was speaking with was trying to describe the particular fragrance she owned, all she could reference was how weird or unusual the bottles shape was. I immediately knew what she was talking about. Peep the video and witness the marketing brilliance. By the way, its a GREAT scent and I think I’m going to wear it tomorrow. Catch me on Facebook and see if I am.


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