A Fragrant Touch


This past Friday evening, I met my lady for a stroll through the Grand Central Holiday Bizarre. Every year, this thing presents cute packaged opportunities to offer our friends and love ones something unique. At times, it can be extremely crowded and nerve racking. I am, however, glad I was somewhat patient and keep my eyes open.

As I strolled through the aisles, my nose picked up a scent and I just followed. It led me to The Soap & Paper Factory. What a potpourri of scents this little booth offered. From boxed soap sets and beeswax candles to body creams and scrubs everything smelled awesome. What I really appreciated was how friendly the staff was and when I found out that everything was produced locally I was sold.

As I took my time sniffing everything I could, I came some scented note cards. Now this is not the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing but for some reason this time it stuck. And as I thought about it, it seemed like the perfect gift for that person that has everything…or just about. Who sends scented notes anymore? Everything is electronic now. Facebook status messages that wish everyone happy holidays or text messages wishing you a happy new year…the personal touch is gone.

So, how do you keep it original, cost effective, tasteful and personal, stop by the The Soap and Paper Factory and Grand Central and take your pick. Mine happens to be their scented note cards.

Happy Holidays!!!


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