Wake up call


This weekend, in preparation for my first marathon run in January, I ran twelve miles. Saturday had to be the coldest day of the year. That wind was blowing in my face and at times, I just wanted to go home to the warmth of my apartment. But I fought through it and ran like Forest Gump.

When I was done running circles around Prospect Park, I came home and took a long hot shower (followed by an ice bath, but that’s not where this story goes). Lever 2000, Coast, Dial, nor Dove would do the trick. I needed a “pick me up,” an ahhh moment. I think I deserved it. E Harcourt’s Ritual Morning Shower Gel was exactly what my mind and body needed.

Right from the outset, this very fragrant gel is an eye opener. Its minty fresh smell made my eyes flutter. I like a good lather and was surprised that all it took was the equivalent of a tablespoon to really get going. Packed with essential oils and an Aloe Vera base, you really feel like this thing is working for you as it soothes the skin with a tingling sensation.

Sometimes a bar of soap just won’t cut it. Wash your stress away and wake up feeling new with E Harcourts Ritual Morning Shower Gel.


One response to “Wake up call

  1. This is some interesting & unexpected packaging. The Harcourts Green Tea/Coffee Scrub also sounds good!

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