A Primal Musc


Back in April when I was in Paris and visited Frederic Malle’s Edition de Pafum store, I left with a few samples. One of them happened to be Musc Ravageur. I remember immediately taking a liking to it, but Une Fleur de Cassie was ultimately what I purchased.

Yesterday as I was getting myself together, I was going through my collection and came across this sample and decided to finally give it a try. I was instantly reminded of why I like this scent. Maybe its the name or maybe its the scent combination itself but its initial reaction conjures something primal. There is a dirtiness to it that reminds me of my initial impression of Le Labo’s Rose 31. But its also sweet and cozy. I’ll chalk that up to the tangerine and cinnamon notes. As it settles on my skin, I get hints of chocolate, the dark kind.

What gets me the most about Musc Ravageur is how different it is. This won’t be a scent for everyone but if you truly like standing out, give this a try. Like I said in a previous post, its ok to sample. It allows you to try something with no monetary risk. That said, now that this is something I feel good about, I will be running over to Barney’s to get myself a proper sized bottle of this naughty little scent.


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