A Fresh Find for In-Between Weather

As the temperature falls, the fragrance industry loves to push spicier scents. This is because they convey a warm feeling that makes you feel good. But I say, not so fast. Either summer is extending itself, fall is delaying its beginning or there’s something to this global warming thing. In this instance you need something that compliments this in-between weather. Something equal parts crisp as it is warm and fuzzy, that my friends would be Fresh’s Patchouli Pure.

I discovered this great find a few weeks ago while browsing around Union Square on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My lady and I stumbled into Fresh and all hell broke lose. (If you go by there, ask for Jacob and he’ll take good care of you) What I like about Patchouli Pure is that it possesses a vibrancy you usually find in summer scents but it warms nicely on your skin. Top notes, middle notes, and bottom notes aside, it possess a woody texture for all you “can you recommend something woody” types. However, this modern interpretation presents another masculine scent that doesn’t beat you over the head in a “mustang” kind of way. I’m just glad they bought it back after its two year hiatus. Maybe one day soon, they’ll reintroduce my all time favorite, Sandalwood Vert.


3 responses to “A Fresh Find for In-Between Weather

  1. I like your blog. I’ve definitely learned a lot already. And the man’s perspective is cool. Although, I never think about men’s cologne in that way. I buy him what I like to smell on him. I’ve even tried to buy him what I liked on someone else – which never works. Learned that when I was young. Damn. It was disappointing. Still is… even as I think about it now. There are scents there that I will try… whenever I’m dating again.

  2. As always, the subject matter is inspiring as well as informative. Because of this particular write up, I traversed the Atlanta shopping scene for Patchouli Pure (Neimans, Sephora, Saks….. you get the picture). The one place I didn’t go to was Fresh…..because there isn’t one in Atlanta. What’s going on with that? If anyone knows why the Empire City of the South was neglected such a gem please let me know!

  3. Hey Barney, Thanks so much for the mention. We are really excited about Patchouli Pure. Your words never dissappoint me and I always look forward to mondays to get your latest post. Thanks a million and btw…Im actually at a new location on the upper west side now. 67th and Columbus.
    To your fine reader in ATL…we are getting there. While fresh has made no mention of opening there we did just open in Northpark, right outside of Dallas. We will make our way through the south I’m sure. Just be patient we are only 17 years old. Until then, you can always email your orders to me at fresh.jacob@gmail.com or columbus@fresh.com and to my attn.
    Always a pleasure Barney. Keep up the fine work and I’ll look forward to seeing you and your beautiful young lady again soon.

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