Good read…

Some years ago I experienced Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique for women and it transformed my opinion of men’s fragrances. I wondered why scents marketed to men couldn’t be as interesting and began my search for those I thought broke away from the classic, woody, leathery, and spicy realm. To be honest, I bought Classique for myself, but hid it from public view. I was a closeted women’s fragrance wearer. I was young and still influenced by the homies. It’s all good though, I’ve grown up and from time to time will wear Tom Ford’s Black Orchid for women…there I said it. I just think its more interesting.

In many respects, I owe what I’m doing here to Classique. So you can imagine how I felt when I came across a recent article by Chandler Burr, the fragrance critic of the New York Times. This line in particular really stood out, “Masculines — the industry term — are generally defined by the vast creativity, beauty, elegance and innovation that have not been put into them. Those qualities are usually reserved for feminines, though men who know scent just wear what’s great and ignore the gender distinctions.”

Continue reading his article here and know my journey to find that beauty, elegance and innovation that mainstream scents lack continues.


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