Kiehl’s Superably Restorative Skin Salve

I’m all about anything fragrant. I think it adds another dimension to life. That’s why I’ve decided to open this forum up a bit. Friends of mine, who have been reading my chronicles here, have suggested talking things other than colognes. I thought about it, but knew the moment I smelled Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Skin Salve, that I had to.

I was on set for a photo shoot when I asked the makeup artist to suggest something for my hair. Admittedly, I don’t pay much attention to it. An occasional line up, maybe a brush or two and that’s it. But I’m aiming to be better in that department. If I’m going to smell great, I might as well have good looking hair. Especially with my rolling grays!!! Well, she pulled out this little jar containing a pomade looking substance and before she could even explain why it was beneficial, it’s fragrance had me. Then, as she was explaining it, the model who was a few feet away chimed in, “that smells amazing, what is it?”

It’s blended with Cedarwood, Orange, Patchouli, and Eucalyptus oils for a very fragrant yet manly appeal.

Almost exclusively found in Morocco, Argan Oil comes from nuts produced by the argan tree. It contains essential fatty acids, is high in Vitamin E (those of us who have dry skin know vitamin E is one of our best friends) and is said to have age-defying effects. It can be used on your skin, nails and hair. The makeup artist told me it would give my hair a smooth appearance and tame fly aways. Fly aways I don’t have to worry about but adding another layer of smell good to my being is what made the $25 purchase at Kiehl’s worth every penny.

To learn more about this product and the women cooperatives that make it, check out this section of the Kiehl’s website and a story from the New York Times T Magazine.


One response to “Kiehl’s Superably Restorative Skin Salve

  1. Love Argan Oil, yum! Nice tip B, thanks!

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