Yves Saint Laurent

As New York braces itself for Fashion Week, I thought it fitting to pay homage to Yves Saint Laurent. Considered by many as THE best designer the 20th century has ever seen, Mr. Laurent started numerous trends that still have relevance today and is most recognized for putting women into pants suits and the creation of the classic women’s tuxedo, Le Smoking suit.

Truth be told, as I read more about Mr. Laurent’s life, his courage inspires me. I would say that was exemplified here in this photo of Mr. Laurent taken by Jeanloop Sieff in 1971 as he posed nude for the launch of his first men’s fragrance, YSL. If you’ve ever smelled any of his fragrances, they exude themes which reverberated throughout his designs, confidence, elegance and raw sexuality.

Yves Saint Laurent will be missed but his legacy will be timeless.


6 responses to “Yves Saint Laurent

  1. Love the Homage to YSL! I also love where this Blog is going, You have made me buy Fragrances that I would of normally bypass! Do ya thang!
    David De La Cruz

  2. Bravo yet again, Barney. Well done!

  3. What a beautiful picture of Yves! Wonderful homage. My favorite YSL fragrance is a limited edition cologne called In Love Again, a floral citrus blend — hard to find but, for me, worth the hunt!

    Keep bringin’ it Barney!

  4. Great piece Barney. You are really turning it out! Congrats on another great piece.

  5. Great nod to one of our fashion icons!

  6. Barney, you’re doing a fab job with this blog, love it! If there is one thing that will drive a woman crazy, it’s the sexy scent of a man. Ooh! Great homage to the legendary YSL, and profiling the debonair Roger Joseph. Here’s a big air-kiss to you, Roger!
    You’re so right on, BB!

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