A fragrant reflection

I’m most thankful for the comments left here at Fragrant Moments. We’re all so busy with work, etc., etc., that I’m humbled when someone takes the time to send me their thoughts on what’s going on here. Thank you to those that do.

Anyhow, a reader shared this and I thought I’d bring it out from the “comments” section so all could appreciate it.

From Ms. Cummins….

“I had a fragrant moment the other day when my significant other was out of town. We’ve been together six years and since we had the boys we haven’t been apart. So here I am lying in bed and I start to sniff the pillow on his side of the bed and I’m thinking what the hell am I doing. But his scent on the pillow made me think of the two of us playing around before he left and I know this sounds stupid but I did get a little emotional, because I really missed him and being alone SUCKS!!!!!

That’s not stupid at all Ms. Cummins…its very sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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