Meet David Hart

David Hart

From the moment I spotted David on the street, I was intrigued by his look. Its kinda nerdy, but very confident and modern as bowties are quite trendy. He was gracious enough to allow me to take his picture (I’m sure he gets that all the time) and as it turns out, he is a neckwear designer (David Hart & Co.). In retrospect, that makes sense, not only was his tie perfectly done, but with that type of coordination, creativity can’t be to far behind. Anyhow, I had to stop him as I had a hunch he appreciated fragrance. Man, was I right. Read on…

What’s your earliest recollection of fragrance?

My earliest recollection of fragrance was definitely the original Polo by Ralph Lauren. Aside from the fragrance which I would still consider classic and timeless, the bottle was such a great design. The loden green with antique gold was stunning. In my opinion, fragrance is great because it creates something unique to its wearer and it essentially becomes an integral piece of someone’s wardrobe.

What fragrances are currently in your rotation?

Lately I’ve been on a huge Creed kick. Currently I’m back and forth between Green Irish Tweed and Tabarome. I love the long history behind Creed and its fans like Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Princess Grace. I’m also pretty obsessed with Malin+Goetz’s Lime Tonic and Polo Black. I’m very big on aftershave. Learning the proper way to shave from my Dad at a young age was a right of passage for me. I shave with a cut throat and love all the products like shave soap, pre-shave oil, and creams from The Art of Shaving to Barbasol and Old Spice.

How often do you go out looking for something new? What specifically do you look for?

I usually shop for new fragrances when the old ones run out. I think the next time I am looking for something I will probably stop by Le Labo. I like the idea of creating something that is uniquely mine and a little more exclusive.

Have you ever purchased the same fragrance more than once? If so, what was it and what about it made it worthy of a repeat buy?

I repeated a buy for a fragrance once and it was the original Polo. It never goes out of style

How would you finish this statement. “My most memorable fragrant moment would be…?

My most memorable fragrance moment would be using fragrances as a way of studying for tests. I remember being in high school and learning about Pavlov response mechanisms and from then on I would study wearing a fragrance and the day of the test I would wear that same fragrance as a way to associate the memory of studying with the test at hand. It seemed to work very well.

Gentlemen, that is why I love fragrance. It has the ability to touch us in so many ways. Thanks for sharing David.


4 responses to “Meet David Hart

  1. I just came across your blog.. I’ve only read this piece and had to comment, but I WILL be peeking around a bit more! This guy looks great! We need more unique fashion men in the world. There are many that dress ‘different’, yet it’s just another commonly different way of dressing, which is still trendy…
    Anyway, I like this guy. It’s obvious he dresses to please his own visual and comfort levels, rather than society’s.
    I also am obsessed with smells. I don’t really have a choice, since I happen to smell everything, whether I want to or not.
    I like the Pavlov/test/fragrance theory. I’d like to try that.

  2. Loving David’s get-up. B-Double, you always interview such cool folks. Good looking on the new bow-tie resource too. What I really enjoyed about this post the most though was learning that such a dapper guy like David uses Old Spice aftershave! That’s what I’m talking about, lol. Real style has layers.

  3. Very cool blog and this interview in particular an interesting read. Looks like Bergdorf Goodman finds Mr. Hart intriguing as well…….
    Necktie Designer Knots Bergdorf Deal

  4. Jerry L. Farmer

    To be honest, Creed is its’ own addiction. I worked at Neiman Marcus down here in Atlanta for three years, and I had nearly bathed in Green Irish Tweed, & Silver Mountain Water. I also was a fan of the Taborome, but I could never get a good guage of how much to put on….it has an extreme definition on my skin.

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