The Dynamic Duo of Mulberry St.

Meet Shane & Shawn

I was recently invited to attend a “Gentlemen’s Night” at the Mulberry street store for the dynamic shoe designing duo Shane & Shawn. It was a great event, the drinks were flowing and they even had a pool table in the store. I managed to get in a word with the very down to earth twosome and we chatted for a bit about “guy” stuff but I managed to get some fragrance questions in there.

After downing a few drinks, I went into the restroom, which was nicely laid out for a retail store and noticed a bottle of Marc Jacobs Ivy. Is it to be used for air freshener or to freshen up?

The Marc Jacobs is to freshen up! It’s a pine smelling cologne, so, it’s good for work/day. Also, the bottle matches the decor, and adds to the atmosphere.

Any plans to develop your own fragrance?

Not in the next year, but, when the time is right, and with the right partner, we are definitely looking to get into it. It is a part of our business plan. It will be a very sexy scent that transitions from the office to play, just like our shoes.

What fragrance are you currently wearing? Why?

Dolce&Gabbana. I am on the road a lot and this is the fragrance I have that lasts the longest..Very potent and manly.

Do you have a “go-to” fragrance? If so, what is it?

Yes! Jean Paul Gaultier.

How often to you purchase a new one?

I have a lot, so, only when I need a refill, or my girlfriend likes something, and I’ll jump on it. As long as she has another reason to cling to me, I am good!

When you’re on the hunt, what do you look for?

I like smooth/soft/sexy scents…Like the old school Obsession.

How would you finish this statement, “my most memorable fragrant moment would be..?

Obsession! I became a a MAN in high school when I began to wear this. Really, It was my first time ever having a women complement me in a way where it broke the ice…’you smell soooo good Shawn’.
After that, it was easy to meet girls.

Its so nice when the ice is broken for you…


3 responses to “The Dynamic Duo of Mulberry St.

  1. Obesession for both men and women is one of those “hall of fame” scents that I will never grow tired of!! Thanks for posting B!! You always find interesting people to interview.

  2. Wow Shane and Shawn are extremely impressive. Thanks for the exposure on their shoe line there were definitely a few pairs I would love to pick. Where on Mulberry is the store?

  3. Renaldo G. Judkins SR.

    Enjoyed the article. You two really are a duo that the shoe industry will have to deal with.

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