FragrantMoment – BIA

I’ve been in Paris for 4 days now and I’ve had more croissants than I have ever had in my entire life. I know I’m in another country and I should respect and adapt their way while I’m here…I’ve done that and am dying from all the bread I’ve eaten thus far…and the cigarette smoke is killing me. This morning I jumped up and had to have well scrambled eggs, some potatoes and a glass of OJ. Thank heavens for BIA – Breakfast In America. An American who moved here some years back for work started this oasis in the middle of Frenchness. You can get the full story on their website but man the smell of eggs and potatoes, fresh squeezed OJ and coffee in the thick white dinner mug was fragrant enough for me to break from the usual post. If you’re ever in Paris and order eggs and they come back any other way than you’re used to, or you want something more than a bagette or another damn croissant, run to BIA.


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