Live from Par-ee

So my strategy to fight jet lag totally worked. Aside from dozing off at moments of
stillness, I kept it moving my first day in Par-ee.

After a quick stop to the marathon expo we took the Metro to another part of town
and hopped onto a tour bus. With the sun shining and a crisp wind we took in the
historic sights. After about an hour, I was cold, hungry and started to feel
delirious so we jumped off and it seemed fitting that we would stumble upon a store named Divine.

Divine is a little shop on 3 rue Scribe with all the trappings that scream luxury. My search for anything I could shove in my mouth was quickly forgotten as my nose was quite busy. Divine has two scents for men, L’homme sage and L’homme de coeur. The former is unmistakably masculine with its “very” woody presence. What I found interesting was one of its top notes include Saffron which I hear is a growing trend reaching the American shores. L’homme de coeur is deceptively captivating. Its burst of freshness, leaves you thinking this is to simple and familiar but it builds to a flirtiness. Although there are notes of woodiness and amber (which we can’t seem to escape), fear not as its floral qualities are at the heart of its essence. Check them out at Divine.


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