FragrantMoments receives mention from industry heavyweight


The Fashion and Grooming director of Men’s Health, Brian Boye, gave me a shout out on their blog. I’m touched by this because I really respect Brian’s editorial perspective. MH, in my opinion, does a great job of balancing trends and making them applicable to everyday guys. That’s pretty much what I’m trying to do here…give you guys a perspective on interesting finds that can help you standout. Anyhow, check out the mention “Looking Good — Smelling Better”


One response to “FragrantMoments receives mention from industry heavyweight

  1. I am mad that you have had this blog for so long and I am JUST learning about it! Dude, this blog is SIIICK! I loves it… bookmarking now. Let me know if you ever need a womans perspective…. because we all know a good fragrance “does things to a sista!” HAHA!

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