OK Cigars, NYC


Robert Warner

From the moment I met Robert I loved being in his presence. We occasionally meet by chance at OK Cigars down on West Broadway in Soho and partake in interesting conversations…more like debates. In a sea of sameness, you can see Robert coming from a mile. Always smiling, always offering a point of view no one else is taking, he is always refreshing. Once I decided I started this blog, I knew he would be someone I wanted to talk to.

What is your favorite fragrance manufacturer? Penhaligons

What is it about them that makes them standout? Established in the late 1800’s, they have a very rich British history and being of British/West Indian decent, its a history I can identify with. The brand was started in a barbershop in London and it reminds me of when my grandmother would send me to to get my hair cut right before I went back to school. It is a classic scent with a simple but masculine appeal. It smells like how a man should smell.

What scent do you regularly wear? To be honest, I like to keep it simple. Sometimes I’ll wear something and sometimes good ole soap and water is it. It really depends on how I’m feeling on that particular day.

How would you finish this statement…my most memorable fragrant moment would be…? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

(I can see why Robert likes this brand…it has a very Aristocratic history and it mirrors his charm that is very proper, it has an old world appeal…he often refers to the other men in the shop as Mr. He is confident yet humble and a gentlemen in every sense of the word.)


One response to “OK Cigars, NYC

  1. Channel & Danielle

    Look at our dad. He is quite a Debonair, indeed.

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