Amsterdam Avenue btwn 84th & 85th

Kyle Cherek
What’s your favorite scent? Creed Green Irish Tweed.  A friend gave me a half of a used bottle because she didn’t like it on her husband.  I took to it immediately and it is all I wear now except in the hottest of months. I recently learned it was originally developed for Carey Grant, which makes me like it even more.  I dare not compare myself to the great Mr. Grant, but he was the first actor of my father’s era I ever wanted to be like when I was a child.  I still remember having a paper route and delivering papers the day the announcement came that he had died.  He was still handsome and dignified in his later years.  Great panache, great glasses, very self possessed.
How often to you buy cologne? Maybe twice a year.  I update scents only about twice as often as my library card.
How would you finish this statement…my most memorable fragrant moment would be…? The train station in Milano.  I was tired, a little mis-directed and had maybe 20 minutes to pay for the the public bath rooms, eat for the first time that day, buy tickets and then find my train to Venice. I went into the station’s coffee bar and there was the amazing group of young Italian women all traveling together, getting coffee and talking.  Having nothing to lose at this point, I interrupted them and in my best pseudo-Italian/English accent said “‘scuse’, can you send me the way of the ticket office?”  One of the women leaning into me (which kind of threw me) and said in English something like “you look like you would smell good,” then she took my arm, walked to the edge of the cafe and pointed to the top of the escalator that went down to the ticket counter I had walked right past when I came in.

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