Fragrant Moment – Milk Studios, NYC


Oliver Jackson Cohen

The other night I went to Milk Studios in NYC’s meatpackaing district and met some friends. This young chap was the brother of one of my friends girlfriends. Get this, he just got off the plane from London less than 2hrs before and was already hitting the town. NICE. Anyhow, we’re standing around talking and I noticed he was pulled away by this rather cute young lady and then moments later everyone in our group was smelling his neck. Intrigued as I was, I to had to give it a whiff. He told me he was wearing Dior Homme and it was mixed with Marlboro cigarettes and airplane…I thought that was funny. I must say, it was an interesting scent. I can’t describe it any other way than inviting. That might sound cliche but follow me…It wasn’t to strong but it had a subtle gripping effect. I get the feeling its the type of scent that could actually change a nights outcome….an unexpected delight. You might not score but you will leave an impression. That gents is what my love for fragrances are all about…the possibility.


One response to “Fragrant Moment – Milk Studios, NYC

  1. You are so lucky to meet such a fine stallion, he’s on the verge of hitting it big on British TV…It’s cool you know Pascal, say hi to her for me!!!

    You know you love me

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