Not Just Any Rose For Valentine’s Day

Dear Gents,

In case you forgot, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I subscribe to damn near everything so I couldn’t forget as I’m receiving daily reminders.

A pleasant tap on the shoulder just came in from Le Labo, featuring one of my favorite scents, Rose 31. I just loved the graphic and decided to share. If you haven’t already tried this magnificent scent, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. I think you’ll love it. It’s not girly either (although there’s nothing wrong with that).

And if you’re curious as to why I’m so in love with this one, click here.


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4 responses to “Not Just Any Rose For Valentine’s Day

  1. Darn. I was just at Le Labo, and thought I smelled everything, but I don’t remember this one… I do remember their Patchouli and Oud, though. Loved those! Le Labo is a definitely must stop shop everytime we’re in NYC. We tried to get their special edition candle at the Gramercy Park Hotel, but the $150 price point stopped us in our tracks. I shell out a lot for candles, but could not justify that price when it’s just about the same as the ones they sell in their shop for 1/2 the price. Great fragrance, though!

  2. Tried this one and hated it. Have to revisit.

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